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With RASS you get an accomplice, from homestead to fork. Together we make reasonable suppers through all phases of life.

As probably the biggest organization exchanging great food items, RASS is a set up brand in Sweden. Our qualities contain settled skill in food, uphold custom-made to singular client needs and long haul, confiding in associations.

Quality-arranged gastronomy requires qualified, reliable accomplices who are accessible consistently and adaptable in all administrations advertised. Because of our inner coordination, we can ensure the expert treatment of merchandise, adaptable, modified vehicle, and the quickest conveyance conceivable. Our Lorries, outfitted with a cooling framework, delivery to a several times each week. With the aid of our efficient trade network and with our staff's expertise we deliver all the frozen products sealed with their freshness so that our clients always goes under a mouthwatering experience every time eating our product.

All collaborations among exchange and coordination are used to the full to hold the nature of our high-class food items. If at any point an ideal item isn't accessible, we put forth the best effort to give our clients a comparable other option. Submitting a request late at night or promptly in the first part of the day is no difficult when utilizing our web shop. It is open 24 hours per day, lasting through the year. Here you can likewise post most loved records, take a stock, gain admittance to plans, figuring’s and loads of motivation. Our chat is open weekdays between 8.00 and 17.00. There you get quick help to find raw materials or choose products.

We endeavor to be at the front line of computerized improvement. We are continually attempting to improve our computerized apparatuses - all to streamline your regular day to day existence.

For any orders of our products, please contact us by phone, email or we will be happy to serve you personally in our company. Due to our long experience and direct contact with the suppliers, we can offer you high quality products at very affordable prices in Europe and worldwide.


  • To utilize our skill and convey the most ideal worth, estimated regarding quality, cost and conveyance.

  • RASS can help you to achieve faster and most economical products by the most experienced staff, quality processes, and proven technology.

  • Just like our clienteles, we also endeavor for a high level of customer satisfaction and strive to exceed our customers' expectations.

  • RASS extemporizes, controls and delivers your desired products.

What things that makes us most efficient?

  • We have direct contacts with the suppliers without intermediaries.

  • We are supplying pure 100% natural products

  • Worldwide logistics coverage

  • Measurable expense management options

  • The rarer public holidays allow on-time delivery

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